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Greater Nashville Health Disparities Coalition

For more than 25 years, the Greater Nashville Health Disparities Coalition, also known as the "GNHDC," has worked tirelessly to empower community members in priority population groups to seek better health, help change local healthcare practices, and mobilize communities to implement evidence-based public health programs to reduce health disparities across a broad range of conditions. 

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Vaccine Equity & Access Program

Community Catalyst’s Vaccine and Equity Access Program (VEAP) works to address vaccine hesitancy and increase vaccination coverage among racial and ethnic populations experiencing disparities in the United States.


In 2021, Community Catalyst was funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to provide training and technical assistance to its national network of community-based partners to address COVID-19 and influenza vaccine hesitancy. Since 2021, GNHDC has received this grant award.


Learn more about the VEAP.

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Vaccine Access Across Tennessee

Vaccine Access Across Tennessee (VAATN) is the grant project made possible by funding from Community Catalyst through the VEAP.


The VAATN is a health promotion campaign that utilizes marketing and influential local leaders to spread educational and trusted messaging about the importance of the COVID-19 and Influenza vaccinations and other health issues.


Learn more on the VAATN Facebook page, Instagram page.

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